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The Penny Singer Collection is a line of unique handmade clothing and accessories that embraces the Native American Spirit and comes to market with clean lines, smart design, and a flavor all its own. My philosophy is that a garment should be the best that it can be, and I invest the time to ensure that the quality of every piece meets or exceeds the standards of the last. From handbags to ribbon shirts, my designs reflect who I am—free, unapologetic, and just plain “real.”

I create from the heart. Every time that I design a new piece, it is as if I am reconnecting with my Native Diné roots. Having grown up as an “Urban Indian” away from the reservation, it wasn’t until college that I discovered a broader perspective of what it means to be Native American and gained a view into traditional Native Ways.

Since then, I have spent time on the reservation, and when I travel to TecNosPos, Arizona, I am enveloped in my culture and able to take in new experiences each time. In turn, these experiences become woven into my work. It’s as if the thread used to sew my collection is spun with drive, determination, and the need to make people understand where I come from and the beauty in being Native. As a single mother, the thread pushing through the fabric is also a metaphor for stitching a wonderful life for me and my son.